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Pet Tube: It Was Only a Matter of Time

Think this little guy deserves some face time? Well, now he can.


We all looked at each other with a mixture of dumbfoundedness and “I fucking thought of that” faces when Youtube first broke onto the scene as a major website.

And, as usual, we take the credit for any other unique site or invention. But making pets the stars? Yeah, I actually did see this coming. Journey on over to and see for yourself.

There’s nothing more depressing than thinking video of yourself is worthy of being seen by the rest of the world. Oh, wait…

Yout Gotta See it to Believe It: Football Player Hits Himself

Seattle Seahawks’ fullback Owen Schmitt either made a complete ass of himself on Sunday, or he made himself officially become one of the biggest badasses the NFL has seen in some time.

I’m leaning toward the former.

Gus Frerotte, eat your heart out. What a jackass.

YouTube’s Finest Vol. 1: Community Channel

Why filter through Youtube to find the funniest videos out there, when you have us here at LGO to do it for you? If you haven’t had the luxury of stumbling upon Community Channel (Where Cool Comes to Die), take a look at their latest:

“Mind My Spot”

Look out for Community Channel‘s new site that will be coming out soon!