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Hot Sauce Tasting as a Job?

I’ve watched all of the videos on the web eating sauce that “too hot” for them.  It’s a habit of mine and it makes me laugh.

I ran across this guy named Lou Reed who posts his tastings on you tube.

We enjoyed the below video because Lou is such a character.  If you watch him in this and other videos, you’ll see that he’s both a masochist and a true pepper eater.

The Shizzolator’s Spinnn’ach

Shittn On'm, Okay?

Shittn On'm, Okay?

Snoop Dog

If you don’t know who Snoop D. O. “double” G is, then you either don’t like hip hop or you need to listen to more music, watch more movies or get more news.  The purpose of this post is to ponder the impact Gizz Lifted may or may not have played in the role of Mr. Shizzolator’s success to date.

The video example below should be seen as exhibit A or should I say X to the Z, A.

If you want to skip right to 3:25 for when Snoop comes in.  Otherwise, it’s always nice to listen to a classic.

He was sitting there, and if you know then you know.

I’m not sure what my point was here, but thanks for reading.