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2 Girls 1 Cup: Stewie Griffin Reaction

No, we’re not that raunchy here at LGO. We wouldn’t even begin to think about trying to obtain “Two Girls and One Cup”. If you want that crap, you can Google Search your way to “Hungry Bitches”. No, we aren’t giving you a link to that.

However, we did find several of the reaction videos quite hilarious over the past year or so. But the best one by far, in our opinion, is Family Guy’s own Stewie Griffin:

Of course, this is hardly a family themed episode (or show). But then again, we’re talking about a show that has a baby talk british, make sexual and gay references, and try to kill his mother. Oh, and look at Hustler:

Again, back to the homosexuality. But that’s alright, because Family Guy is okay with us!

Andy Samberg: Throwing Things on the Ground

You are most likely already pretty well-versed with jizzing in one’s pants, what it’s like to be a boss and be on a boat. But do you know what it means to throw things on the ground? Andy Samberg, the Saturday Night Live and Hot Rod star,  is at it again: