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Halo Cloud in Moscow Capturing Nation’s Attention

The only thing funnier than a good joke or someone getting kicked in the nuts is thousands of people searching through theĀ  internet to find information on something that isn’t even real.

At least, that’s what scientists are saying. Here’s a video of the complete, utter bullshit:

We’re not against alien invasion, home invasion, or any kind of invasion here at LGO, but we are against shitty driving and even shittier camera holding.

Fuck these mindless bastards who try to document the ending of our time with such lack of focus and zero direction. It’s a damn good thing this Halo Cloud thing was just a bullshit story. Otherwise, I’d be hearing “the real thing” from a bunch of talent-less ass clowns. And we just can’t have that, now can we?

YouTube’s Finest Vol. 1: Community Channel

Why filter through Youtube to find the funniest videos out there, when you have us here at LGO to do it for you? If you haven’t had the luxury of stumbling upon Community Channel (Where Cool Comes to Die), take a look at their latest:

“Mind My Spot”

Look out for Community Channel‘s new site that will be coming out soon!

You’re a Racist Bastard

There is a wave of hilarious “racism” videos, which take an interesting look at regular, every day situations where people are simply-minded, racist fucks.

I’m sure we’re all guilty of these.

You know, when you walk into an elevator and no one else is there, and you get that feeling of comfort, as if this little cubicle that rise and drops at the push of a button is suddenly your safety zone.

Except, then a black guy walks in, and your “black-dar” goes off the charts. You racist bastard.

Or how about when you roll your car up to a stoplight, feeling good, jamming to your tunes.

Then a black dude rolls up, and magically sends those windows upward to a close, and your finger hitting the lock-all button.

But it’s not just the white man or woman trying to bring the brothas’ down. Even black people can be racist toward black people. See below.

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