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ESPN’s Steve Phillips Had Sex With Co-Worker, Brooke Hundley

And it ain’t pretty, folks. No, there’s no sex tape-we hope. But for realzies, the ESPN reporter, Steve Phillips, cheated on his wife and had sex with this chick:


Not too shabby, right? Wrong. That’s an ideal picture of Brooke Hundley. Check out the pair posing for a picture:

hundley and phillips

If only we knew what they were up to back then. Those sick fucks.

Ah, but the story gets more interesting. Way more interesting. Marni Phillips, Steve’s wife, called the cops after Brooke Hundley showed up at her house. And to top it off, she had delivered a very revealing letter to Phillip’s wife

A lesson to the young and horny: Don’t sleep with retarded-looking co-workers. And don’t deal with crazies.

Donovan McNabb is Officially an Idiot

dancing mcnabb

(He knows the Hawaiian dance, but not the NFL rules?)

Fans were harping on the beloved Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb last year for not knowing that NFL games went into “sudden death” and ended in ties, but now the “idiot” jaunts are proving to be correct.

Here he is defending his idiotic overtime (lack of) knowledge:

First the guy doesn’t even know that he’s no longer playing college football, but now he’s calling time-outs all Chris Webber-style when his team doesn’t have any.

With the ball on the Oakland Raiders 15-yard line with just 27 seconds remaining in the first half, the ingenious McNabb called a non-existent time-out. He was then penalized for doing so, bringing the ball back to the Raiders 20.

McNabb was on full tilt from that point on, as he got sacked on the next play by Oakland’s Richard Seymour, and Philly was forced to kick a field goal. The score was then 10-6 with Oakland leading, instead of a very possible 10-10 tie at the break.

The Raiders went on to win the game, hanging on for a pathetic 13-9 victory over the hapless McNabb and his Philadelphia Eagles.

Yout Gotta See it to Believe It: Football Player Hits Himself

Seattle Seahawks’ fullback Owen Schmitt either made a complete ass of himself on Sunday, or he made himself officially become one of the biggest badasses the NFL has seen in some time.

I’m leaning toward the former.

Gus Frerotte, eat your heart out. What a jackass.