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Man or Woman: Vol. 2

Chloe Sevigny

While this theme was original, you can find it being done (with this actual picture, mind you) here.

Now, back to the task at hand.

This person bares a striking resemblence to the love child that could one day by created by Kate Hudson and Michael Weston.

So, this is a combination of Weston’s borderline retarded-looking face (or really drunk), and Hudson’s golden, lofty hair, and a nice green dress-if you say so.

So, once again, I ask of you all….




Think about it. It could just be a bad picture, poor lighting, the dress…

And as it turns out, it really is a combination of those things.

It’s a lady, and it’s just a bad picture. She’s not nearly that hideous in most of her work.

Don’t believe me? Here’s some proof.

Man or Woman: Vol. 1

It happens all too often. In the grocery store, in the line at the movies, or just driving in your car.

Sometimes you see a kid that could be retarded, but you feel bad for even thinking it. Still, you turn to your friend and ask, “Is that kid retarded, or is just me?”

Yes, you jackass, that kid is indeed retarded. Do you feel better about yourself?

Chalk it up as another grand prediction. You: 1,050, World: zero.

But it never stops there. These moments happen all over the place and in every walk of life.

So, to pay a true homage to this feeling of uncomfort and yearning for the truth, I ask you to decide: Is this a man or a woman?

man or woman WOMAN

Be honest. To the site, yourself, and to the person in the picture.

After all, they have to live with the impending results.

No, we’re not going to pull out our 9th grade calculator that we haven’t used in seven years, or even the Windows calculator on our computer (well, we might use that.)

But really, this is just for our own personal account, and to put it simply-our enjoyment.

So, what say you, earnest public, seeking for the truth?

Man or Woman?



Yes, those tired eyes and “I’ve served in the Army” smile show it all. Although, the 14-year old boy hair-cut throws you off a bit.

Lesbian or not, this is definitely a woman, however, the name and title of this person will go unidentified. Unless, of course, you look it up yourself.