Jon Gosselin Getting Sued by TLC

It’s about fucking time.

Jon Gosselin

This doucher is getting sued for, well, being a douche. I have to tell you, people, I saw this coming. I really did. Back when this show was first starting, I turned to a friend and said, “That guy’s a douche. And not just your regular, every day douche. He’s like monumental, TV-induced douche. And he’s gonna cheat on his wife”.

Well, maybe I didn’t predict all of that. Not the first time, anyways. Regardless, Gosselin is now being sued for contractual breaching (another form of cheating, really), for somehow putting an end to “Jon and Kate Plus Eight”.

Here’s to hoping he loses all the money he got from exploiting his wife and kids.

Hopefully they claim that shirt in the lawsuit, too, and fucking burn it.


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