Look-a-Like’s: Shia “In the Buff”

Here at Laughinggasonline, we’re all about injecting real, every day moments from Celebrities’ lives, into our own.

Well, actually, we’re not about that at all.

But we do find it humorous to compare them to other people. Take Shia LaBeouf, for example.

He thought he was just going for a jog, listening to his mix of The Police, and casually being stalked by a cameraman.

shia in the buff

Instead, he has this picture to live with, showing him to be a wincing, feeble, and very wet Eric Bana.

Similarities included the scraggle hair and beard, talking stupidly, and tend to be in good shape. Oh, and they both are sweat-ers.

eric bana

And smile like a bunch of jackasses.


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